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With our Coach-on-Demand program, you can book a one-time 60 or 90-minute session, perfect for gaining fresh perspective and insight, without locking into a long-term program. Just targeted, affordable, one-on-one virtual coaching for your individual goals and circumstances.

Coach-on-Demand is designed to be accessible and affordable, making excellent coaching available to those on a tight budget or seeking a one-time coaching experience.

You can often schedule a session within one week or less, ensuring you get the support you need when you need it most. These sessions are perfect for those seeking quick, targeted coaching or for those who want to experience coaching before committing to a long-term program.

Looking for a thoughtful gift idea for someone special? Consider giving the unique present of individual coaching through one of our Coach-on-Demand sessions. Instead of a material item that could get thrown away, you're providing quality time for your loved one to gain clarity and fresh perspectives that last. With coaching tailored entirely to their goals, it's an empowering investment in their growth that can inspire new confidence, mindsets, and exciting next steps.  Truly the gift that keeps on giving!

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Coaching as a Gift

What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a coaching session designed to help you reflect, re-evaluate, and map out your next chapter? Use this birthday as an opportunity for purposeful reflection and future visioning for the amazing year ahead.

Birthday: Your Next Chapter Kickstart 

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Aligning with your core values isn't just enlightening - it provides an empowering foundation for confidently making decisions, building fulfilling relationships, and living with integrity This coaching clears away uncertainty and confusion, enabling you to operate from a place of conviction and purpose.

Values Clarification

Finally pursuing that long-held dream? Leveling up in your career? Wanting to achieve a meaningful personal goal? Clearly define your vision, uncover limiting beliefs holding you back, and create a personalized action plan to make your dream a reality! 

Goal Accelerator

Have a room in your house that's driving you crazy? Discover small changes to your space that will make the biggest impact!  You'll uncover your Room Mission Statement & Action Plan to make it the joy-filled space you've always wanted.

Interior Design Refresh

Are you starting a business or considering rebranding your business? Book a 90-minute brand clarification session to discover your brand's identity.  Leave with brand wording, logo ideas, color direction and a Pinterest inspiration board to clearly communicate with your web & graphic designers, team, etc.

Brand Clarification

This advice-free session is perfect for high school, college, or advanced degree graduates.  It provides thoughtful exercises to cut through the noise and gain clarity amidst all the exciting options ahead. Leave with a personalized action plan full of tangible next steps to confidently pursue your post-graduation vision.

Graduate: Confident Next Steps

Justine Bunger became a Certified Professional Coach in 2016, which led Shelley Bunger to then pursue her coaching certification in 2021.  Now together, both Justine & Shelley share a desire to see clients transform and thrive, evoking the change they want to see in their lives.  

  • Justine Bunger, MA, LSCC, BCC, ACC 
  • Shelley Bunger (coach-in-training)

Mother/Daughter Coaching Team based in Phoenix & Prescott, Arizona

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Justine & Shelley

Where do Coach-On-Demand sessions take place?
Sessions are offered via Zoom, phone or in-person in Peoria or Prescott, Arizona.

After my session, could I book more coaching sessions?
Absolutely!  Both Justine & Shelley offer weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions for a commitment of 3 or 6 months.

I want to purchase a session for a loved one, but they have never tried coaching before.  How do I know if they will like it?
It's always recommended that you ask your loved one if they would enjoy a coaching session for their birthday or celebration.  Getting their consent and buy-in is imperative to the coaching process.  We hope they love the idea and can't wait to meet them!

If purchasing as a gift, will I receive a gift certificate?
Yes! You will receive a personalized, printable gift certificate.



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