Clarity for women in seasons of transition

Professional life coaching

an emerging leader?

are you...

an expectant mother?

anticipating an empty nest?

considering retirement?

wondering what's next?

encountering a career change?

Discover what clarity can bring to your season of transition.

Decisions seem foggy, unable to reach your goals,
or unsure what to do next?

Justine Bunger became a Certified Professional Coach in 2016, which led Shelley Bunger to then pursue her coaching certification in 2021.  Now together, both Justine & Shelley coach individual clients as well as groups.  They share a desire to see clients transform and thrive, evoking the change they want to see in their lives.  

  • Justine Bunger, MA, LSCC, BCC, ACC - Accepting new clients
  • Shelley Bunger (coach-in-training)- Accepting new clients 

Mother/Daughter Coaching Team based in Phoenix & Prescott, Arizona

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-Kelly, client of Justine

"Justine has a grounding and yet effervescent presence..."

"Justine has a grounding and yet effervescent presence. She notices everything and knows when it's time to take a closer look at what you've said or what your body language said. She is spot on to help you find your next "aha moment" for the good of your goals. She can be very practical, and yet, she can be just as effective in being with you in the deep and intangible."

-E.S., Client of justine

"Justine is incredible at meeting you where you are at..."

"Justine is incredible at meeting you where you are at.
Her coaching is patient, yet challenging. She is so aware and intentional about the pace of each session and my overall goals. I felt like I could really take a deep journey in my time with her, but no matter what, I felt like Justine helped me end feeling whole and reconnected to myself."

Aubrey, client of justine

"...Having Justine as my coach through several major life transitions was incredibly empowering..."

"Not only is Justine a skillful coach, but she is a compassionate human that understands the way the brain works. Having Justine as my coach through several major life transitions was incredibly empowering and also normalizing to my situation, helping me to feel less alone in all of it."

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