What is Coaching?

Sometimes it's hard to know who's a good coach. With scenes in media depicting coaches in flattering (and sometimes unflattering ways), how do you know if coaching is legitimate?  Is a coach someone who gives people advice?  Do you have to have any special training to be a Certified Coach?  We can help set the record straight. 

Is coaching like it is in the movies?

A Certified Coach...

abides by (and is held to) a Code of Ethics usually by the CCE or International Coaching Federation (ICF)

is ideally a member of a local coaching organization chapter (like ICF Arizona)

is committed to continuing coach education 

has received or is pursuing additional certifications 

There are a lot of "coaches" out there in the world, so how do you know who's the real deal? A Certified Life Coach...

Important to know!

is certified through an accredited, rigorous coach training program

has at least 150+ hours of training and supervised coaching sessions


you want movement in your life but don't know where to start.

you are considering transition/in transition. 

you are searching for your next right thing, have a big decision to make, considering a new venture, unsatisfied with where your life is or want to make a change.

Coaching might be for you if...

Coaching might not be for you if...

you are wanting advice.  Did you know that certified coaches don't give advice?  We don't tell you what to do or where to go.  Instead, we believe that you are the expert in your own life and ask you powerful questions to help get you where YOU want to go.

you are seeking healing. Counselors and mentors are amazing partners for you if you have experienced trauma, are seeking a diagnosis, and/or processing your past.

"...therapy is about uncovering and recovering, while coaching is about discovering..."

Patrick Williams, Ed.D., MCC

We are committed to excellence in professional life coaching and believe in the life-changing power of the coaching relationship.  And also, the growth that happens in coaching is FUN!  We love what we do and can't wait to see if we would be a good fit for you or your group.

Discover a lasting sense of clarity

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